IFA World Tour Finals 2024


IFA World Tour 2023: These teams have qualified for the Fistball World Tour Finals

The participating teams for the 2024 World Tour Finals are confirmed. In addition to the defending champions TV Jahn Schneverdingen (women) and SG Novo Hamburgo (men) and the continental title holders, the top teams from the IFA World Tour 2023 have also qualified.

23 tournaments with more than 70 teams in the ranking: the IFA World Tour 2023 has come to an end. Brazilian clubs were once again able to celebrate as winners. In the men’s competition, the 2023 World Tour Final winner SG Novo Hamburgo once again won the World Tour with 3,300 points. In the women’s competition, SOGIPA/Cargo Way scored the most points, beating the competition with strong 3,500 points.

The two Brazilian teams will also be involved when the World Tour Finals take place in July 2024. In the men’s competition, SG Novo Hamburgo will be the defending champions after winning the last finals tournament in Curitiba in October. They will be joined by the continental champions TSV Pfungstadt (Germany) from Europe, SOGIPA/Cargo Way (Brazil) for South America and South Jersey Fistball Club (USA) for North America. Three teams have also qualified for the final tournament via the World Tour. Union Tigers Vöcklabruck (Austria), Clube Mercês (Brazil) and UFG Grieskirchen/Pötting (Austria) were all already part of the 2023 World Tour Finals this October. The eighth starting place is currently still reserved for the host club.

In the women’s competition, several teams have qualified for the World Tour Finals for the first time. Defending champion TV Jahn Schneverdingen (Germany) is seeded, as are the continental winners of SOGIPA/Cargo Way (Brazil) from South America and TSV Dennach (Germany) from Europe. The starting field will be completed by the best-placed teams on the World Tour. For FG Elgg-Ettenhausen, Faustball Kreuzlingen, SVD Diepoldsau-Schmitter (all Switzerland) and FBC Linz-Urfahr (Austria), this will be their first participation.

This means that seven places have been firmly booked in both the men’s and women’s competitions. The eighth starting place is reserved for a potential organizer. This is one starting place – either for the men’s or women’s competition. The remaining place would be taken by DSG UKJ Froschberg (Austria/men) or Clube Duque de Caxias (Brazil/women).

The following teams have qualified for the 2024 World Tour Finals:

Men’s category

  • SG Novo Hamburgo (BRA): defending champion & 1st World Tour 2023
  • TSV Pfungstadt (GER): Winner Champions Cup Europe 2023
  • SOGIPA/Cargo Way (BRA): Winner South America Cup 2023 & 5th World Tour 2023
  • South Jersey Fistball Club (USA): Winner North America Cup 2023
  • Union Tigers Vöcklabruck (AUT): 2nd World Tour 2023
  • Clube Mercês (BRA): 3rd World Tour 2023
  • UFG Grieskirchen/Pötting (AUT): 4th World Tour 2023


Women’s category

  • TV Jahn Schneverdingen (GER): Defending champion
  • TSV Dennach (GER): Winner Champions Cup Europe 2023 & 5th World Tour 2023
  • SOGIPA/Cargo Way (BRA): Winner South America Cup 2023 & 1st World Tour 2023
  • FG Elgg-Ettenhausen (SUI): 2nd World Tour 2023
  • FBC Linz-Urfahr (AUT): 3rd World Tour 2023
  • Faustball Kreuzlingen (SUI): 4th World Tour 2023
  • SVD Diepoldsau-Schmitter (SUI): 6th World Tour 2023


The 2024 World Tour Final will take place in Germany from July 18 to 21. This means that the most important competition in club fistball will return to Europe after being held twice in Brazil. The first final series was held in Vaihingen/Enz in April 2018. The exact venue for the 2024 World Tour Finals will be announced as soon as possible.